Me & my Daddy & Zlatan

This book has been a long time in the making, but now it will soon become reality as a collaboration between Tusen Serier and Wormgod.

There will be more information soon, I just wanted to post the cover right now because I’m so excited. I wanted to pick a few preview pages, but it’s too late to do that now so I’m seving it for later.

This may well be the best single graphic novel I’ve made so far, on many levels. It’s not really like anything I usually do, leaning more towards the mainstream rather than cyberpunk or the various other styles I usually work with. You will see, sometime during the upcoming spring months…

So here are the two covers for the Swedish & English editions:



Piracy is Liberation vol 01: ONLY SINNERS DISOBEY

It is finally here! The collection of the first 6 Piracy is Liberation books! Bigger format, better paper, new material, and it’s heavy as Hell with its 436 pages!

Order it from the website:!



The story of a future city where Capitalism has become religion. A future city where the people are being kept ignorant and obedient through mandatory television, not knowing that things have ever been different or that anything exists outside the city.
A city where downloading random information is used as a drug. An illegal drug, and if you go against the commandments you are a sinner and nobody loves a sinner.
A city where the Priests, Masters and Police run everything, using deadly force to ensure order and profits.
A city not unlike our own world.
A city where only sinners disobey.

A city that is ready to burst.


180sek | 20 eur | 25 usd (+shipping)

Release/exhibition at Kafé 44, Stockholm, April 26 (Facebook event)!



In November 2012 during the AltCom 2012 NO BORDERS comics festival (more on that later), during the return of the TRAUMA noise festival (more on that later), there will be a Wormgod exhibition called TRANSGRESSIONS (more on that later) which is also a book/CD release for this new publication:


TRANSGRESSIONS the book is the story of a man who didn’t want to be a man and a woman who turned him into something else. It is the story of these two outcasts trying to find a new life by crossing the border but get caught doing it. It is the story about their struggle to leave all rules behind. Social conventions, laws of physics as well as nations, even the most basic rules of their universe.

Contains necrophilia, zombification, gender transplants, human/animal gene splicing, fucking, human sacrifice, inhuman politics and unnatural birth. Enjoy!

TRANSGRESSIONS the CD is a soundtrack where each track corresponds to each chapter of the book:

Story: Mattias Elftorp
Art: Mattias Elftorp & Susanne Johansson
Music: Markus Samnell

Release/exhibition/TRAUMA date: November 9