I just got the new issue of Brand in the mail the other day. The theme is Generations (of activism) and they used two of my illustrations for the 90s chapter in an article about the autonomous movement in Skåne.

These drawings were published some years ago in the book Trettionde November, by Andrés Brink Pinto and Johan Pries. It’s about the autonomous/antifascist demonstrations in Lund that used to happen each November 30 when various nazi groups used to march in commemoration of Karl XII, the old Swedish king who spent most of his regency waging war against the rest of Europe. Very glorious. Legend has it he was shot by one of his own soldiers who used a button from his uniform as a bullet. Here’s a replica I’ve had since I was a kid…

I guess that’s what happens when you expect people to kill and die for you but you don’t pay them enough for bullets. There’s an anarchist point in there.

If memory serves, the nazis stopped their royalist celebrations after a final big riot in 2008. Don’t say a riot never lead to anything good.

Speaking of antifascist wins, did you hear about how the people of a neighborhood in Glasgow stopped a deportation not long ago? They just turned up, more and more people, to stand in the way until the deportation was stopped.

Also, Italian dock workers recently refused to load weapons that were being shipped to Israel to be used to murder Palestinians.

Small victories considering what we’re up against. We could use more news like this these days. Lots more…

A Batalha

Since it’s May 1 today, which is celebrated all over the world in remembrance of the murdered Haymarket anarchists and the struggle in general of the international working class…

Anyway, here’s my latest published illustration work: cover + illustration in the latest issue of Portuguese journal of anarchist expression: A Batalha #291.

The same Kropotkin portrait will also be included in an upcoming issue of the Swedish anarchist magazine Brand, and I also made print of a variant on the same image, which you can buy from Hybriden:

Ihor Homenyuk was a Ukrainian immigrant in Portugal who was beaten and asphyxiated to death by SEF border police while locked up in a detention centre awaiting deportation.

Maybe one day we’ll get to remember victories instead of death and defeat…

In a few ways, it feels wrong to use this post to try to sell stuff, and also trying to sell a portrait of an anarchist. On the other hand… This is the first day of my latest period of unemployment, so that’s a thing. And I was really happy with how it turned out so I thought maybe someone else will also like it, and they’re not free to print, and I did the published illustrations for free, and it’s not uncommon for anarchists to want people to get paid for their work. And… It may sound like I’m defending myself to whoever is reading this, but I’m pretty sure I’m defending it more to myself. I have a complicated relationship with money (and work).

At least I’m not one of those fucking assholes who are refusing to release the patents for (I was going to say COVID, but that’s faar from the only one) vaccines etc in order to maximize their profits.

“Bring Back The Age Of The Guillotine” to quote Khmer Noir
Here’s a little something from them to cheer you up and celebrate the day:

Alkom’X #11 HellHeaven

My latest published comics work is a 2 page story in Alkom ‘ X 11 HellHeaven

About the book:
17 x 25 cm, 7 hand stitched notebooks
102 pages, 1 lino, 1 stamp board
Lino cover lost plate 2 passages
Printing 150 screen prints on 4 different papers
price: 19 euro
artists: David Paleo, Kapreles, Радован Поповић, Crippa Almqvist, Zeke Clough, Zven Balslev, Muriel Bellini, Jeff Gaither, Dan Michiu, El Rughi, Mattias Elftorp, Denis GRRR Art, Scarlatin Taipan , Audrey Faury, Jean-Jacques Tachdjian, Paul Boswell, Alkbazz Garagel, Tommi Musturi, Alain Marciano, Herve Andre, Gabriel Delmas, Gene Mutation, Marcel Ruijters, Craig Earp, Xenoid, Reijo Kärkkäinen, Olaf Ladousse , Concrete Cité…
The Garage L., Branquignols Publishers, 2021

They recommend that you order it directly from the editor, Alkbazz: alkbazz(at) but it’s also possible from Etsy.

New year old year

Was planning to publish the usual list of things I’ve read/seen/played this year, but I’m mentally tired so it’ll come later.

By the way, the theme for CBA vol 52 will be BURNOUT. Look for a call for submissions to be published in the coming days…

Hey, remember when everyone thought that 2016 was the worst year ever? Those were the times… I never really got into that way of looking at it. Years are artificial and things getting worse or better is a process. Even though 2020 has been exceptional in many ways, it’s not an isolated thing but a culmination of several processes and probably the start of others. Maybe the best thing we can learn from this year is that the short-sightedness and profit-maximization that Capitalism encourages are things we need to grow out of.

So good luck and I’ll be back with some escapism in a little while.

SIS 2018

Wormgod will be at SIS (Stockholms Internationella Seriefestival), May 5-6 at Kulturhuset, together with Tusen Serier and CBK as usual. You’ll find us at tables H5-H8 (in Hörsalen).

I’ll be bringing most of my books.

We will also have a presentation on stage (Foajé 3), Saturday May 5 at 14:

AltCom 2018, Fanzineverkstaden & Fosfor
Mattias Elftorp and Kinga Dukaj will present some of the things organized by Tusen Serier (in collaboration with CBK) in Malmö this year:
In May, Fanzineverkstaden (the Zine Workshop), an open collective workshop for selfpublishing comics creators, will open. In conjunction with this we’ll also re-open the zine distro Fosfor.
In August 23-26 it’s time for the latest edition of the international alternative comics festival AltCom. This year’s theme is HOW TO SURVIVE A DICTATORSHIP.

There will also be a special screening of a documentary about some comic artists (among which is the Tusen Serier artist Amalia Alvarez). Me and Amanda Casanellas were interviewed about Tusen Serier for this documentary a few years ago, but that part ended up not being included in the final version…

See you there!


Until January 1 there is a Christmas SALE in the CBK webshop, where you can find most of my books. You can now buy them, along with other books from Tusen Serier, CBK and Wormgod, at 30% off the regular price!

Take this chance to make your life (and your collection) complete! Shop the last Christmas presents! MAYBE they’ll even arrive before Christmas (no, they won’t)!

So go now to the webshop and use the coupon code: XMAS2016 at the check-out.



So next week is another CRACK! festival, that orgasm of creative underground madness that comes every year, like an internationalist family reunion.

And in the midst of everything else, I’m trying to produce something new. I didn’t have as much time for this as I had hoped, but here’s something at least that I painted the other day and will make some different versions of…

For some reason it’s often about death and skulls and such. I blame society…

And then it’s going back home for the finishing run of the AltCom festival. But a lot of that is already under contol. Most of the program is set, most of the posters have been designed, most of the films are confirmed, and the anthology is now at the printer.

So it all feels good, and the extra shot of inspiration that is CRACK! won’t hurt either…

Perfect sense…

Sooner or later, all you see around you will have turned to dust. You will be dead as a doornail and then all of this will disperse.

It’s not completely unlikely that the expansion of the universe will one day have gone far enough that the smallest particles can’t interact even at the speed of light because they are too far apart. By then, the concept of “day” will be long gone. Text will be meaningless, because even if this sentence would be spread out over a bigger area than the now observable universe, no one could see it because no one would be close enough that its light could ever reach them because everything will be too far apart (and keep expanding faster than light could keep up) for light to reach anything.

So let’s spend the precious time we have being greedy, racist, homophobic etc assholes, why don’t we?

Because that makes sense…