New year old year

Was planning to publish the usual list of things I’ve read/seen/played this year, but I’m mentally tired so it’ll come later.

By the way, the theme for CBA vol 52 will be BURNOUT. Look for a call for submissions to be published in the coming days…

Hey, remember when everyone thought that 2016 was the worst year ever? Those were the times… I never really got into that way of looking at it. Years are artificial and things getting worse or better is a process. Even though 2020 has been exceptional in many ways, it’s not an isolated thing but a culmination of several processes and probably the start of others. Maybe the best thing we can learn from this year is that the short-sightedness and profit-maximization that Capitalism encourages are things we need to grow out of.

So good luck and I’ll be back with some escapism in a little while.

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