Piracy is Liberation 001: Information Wants to be Free (third edition)!

Yesterday, I sent the third edition of Piracy is Liberation 001: Information Wants to be Free to the printer.

Pirate is an information addict. When he recieves a cry for help: ‘Information wants to be free’, he has to find out what it means. Only problem is that the infopolice are hot on his trail, so he has to run and avoid falling in the same trap that Information did.

Unaltered story content but with a new cover made by me and Susanne Johansson. I also wrote this new introduction:

Three years have passed since the second edition of this book came out, and nothing much has changed. We’ve had a right-wing government in Sweden since then and immigrants and poor people are treated badly just as they were under the Social democrats before them. On an international scale, it’s also more or less the same old stuff. War, poverty and environmental disasters as a result of capitalism still going strong.

So this is the third edition, complete with a new cover by me and my Wormgod partner, Susanne Johansson, and the world is working its way towards making my dystopian vision come true. A postapocalypse where capitalism is religion and the inhabitants of the last enormous city are kept ignorant of the world outside and even the concept of history. Which is also a reflection of our current affairs, where we are being presented with an illusion telling us that we are at the height of human civilization (ie the globalised Western civilization). That we are going in a certain direction and no real deviation is possible.

This is not true, of course. We just need to think outside the City. Outside the boundaries on our thinking that have been laid on us through television, through the school system, through a society that needs us to be wage laborers first and human beings second.

We have the technology for new ways of distributing information now. And even though those in power try to limit the possibilities of this free exchange of thoughts and ideas, information wants to be free and information will be free. And when we’ve managed to see beyond the indoctrination, to think for ourselves, to find and create and spread our own information, we need to turn those thoughts into actions. Because information is dangerous only when it breeds new thoughts, thoughts when they breed action.

So after you read this book, if you like it, tell your friends to buy it. Or, if they can’t afford it, direct them to a free version of it on the internet. Or, if you can’t find one, scan the pages and spread it yourself. Piracy is, after all, liberation.

Mattias Elftorp
Malmö, Sweden, 2010

 Published by Wormgod.

HD, Piracy, Crack!, Ship to Gaza…

Yesterday, another illustration in Helsingborgs Dagblad (Världens Lyckligaste Folk by Lena Sundström):

Today: Chapter 2 och Piracy is Liberation 001: Information Wants to be Free begins:


And next week, I’m representing Wormgod at the Crack! festival in Rome:

I feel right now that I should say something about Ship to Gaza, but I’ll just express my sympathy and solidarity with the people of Palestine and post this video:


World Tour 2010…

How come everytime you decide to take a night off, it’s to survive rather than relax? At least in this line of work (precarious illustrator, pro-bono graphic designer, cyberpunk comics artist)…

Anyway. This is what’s going on this year, past and future, as far as I can see right now. I may skip some of it to take a night off, and I may end up in places I haven’t yet thought of.

February 27 – Con-Dom/Pestdemon / Metal Pip! (featuring Susanne Johansson as DJ Wormgod), Malmö
March 25 – C’est Bon Black Box 4 – Wormgod: Spiders (featuring Vampirebarbie & Mari Jansson), Malmö
April 23-25 – Small Press eXpo, Stockholm
May 15-16 – Kemi comics festival, Kemi
May 22-23 – Komiks.dk, Copenhagen
June 12-13 – Punk Illegal, Munkedal
June 17-20 – Crack! conics festival, Rome
July 23-24 – Möllevångsfestivalen, Malmö
August ?? – Malmöfestivalen, Malmö
September 10-12 – Wormgod: konSEKVENS @ Helsinki Comics Festival
September ?? – Bok- och Biblioteksmässan, Göteborg
October ?? – Anarchist Book Fair, London
October 30-31 – Wormgod: konSEKVENS @ Örebro [comics &] book fair
November 5 – Wormgod: ZOMBIES @ AltCom 2010, Malmö
November 5-7 – AltCom 2010 first weekend: animated films, Malmö
November 12-14 – AltCom 2010 main weekend: SEX & WAR comics festival, Malmö

And of course, yesterday was Sunday, which meant another illustration for Helsingborgs Dagblad‘s publishing of Lena Sundström’s Världens Lyckligaste Folk:


Why of course, everyone is welcome in Sweden! Where did you say you’re coming from?

Eritrea? Oh no. You can come back when you’re from Holland…

Piracy is Liberation – webcomic coming soon!

I’m starting to run out of copies of the first Piracy is Liberation book, so I decided to share the entire series as a webcomic.

The webcomic will be updated once a day. As an extra bonus, I’ll occasionally be
running a commentary track along with the images. I also might do some pages
now and then in color…

It all begins May 15 2010 at www.elftorp.com/piracy!


I’m not going to the MoCCA festival this year (this weekend, actually, in New York City. Go check it out if you’re there).

But I am going to be at SPX in Stockholm in a few weeks (April 23-25), and I’m also going to Komiks.dk (May 21-23). We’re also trying to find the money to go to the Crack! festival (June 17-20) in Rome to do a Wormgod exhibition…

I’ll be selling Piracy is Liberation and Dystopia at these events, and possibly some other goodies as well. And even if I’m not there, at least the Piracy is Liberation books are going to be available at MoCCA. Look for them at the Swedish table!

Piracy is Liberation: chapters…

Just for fun, here’s the Piracy is Liberation story so far told in chapters:


Fan Art: Pirate by Max Sjöholm

Max Sjöholm made this:

Very nice portrait. Check out more of Max’s stuff at Deviant Art… 

I believe he used an old photo of me as model for this. It’s from an old C’est Bon meeting, where we did something important while playing boule in the park. Something like deciding on the name C’est Bon, or planning our first website. I don’t remember…