Morning International Comics Competition: results!

The results from Japanese Morning Magazine’s International Comics Competition are finally out. I knew I was among the 21 finalists, and then I made it into the top 8, which I’m very happy with. See the list of finalists and winning entries here (also note that I’m not the only artist from sweden. I was joined in the first round of 21 finalists by Maria Frölich).

≪Judge’s Comment≫While the story driven by the main character’s monologue is flat, the protagonist’s behaviors and the appearance of the “god” [she] sees are surprising, giving this work a strong impact. Unfortunately, this entry’s ending was difficult to understand, and ultimately it did not leave a good impression.

The fact that I didn’t make it into the top 3 means that I’m free to use this story as I please, which is fine by me and lets me put it into Piracy is Liberation book 009: Desert Stories. So now I’m more than 1/3 done with that book. The rest will be a remake of the story The Lord of Flies, that I made back in 2001 for C’est Bon #1. The book will concentrate on the apocalypse rather than the usual cyberpunk postapocalypse, so it will be quite different from the rest of the series. I’m looking forward to working on it, though I suspect it may take me a while before I have the time…

Yesterday, I finally started working on the script for the album-length version of Jag & min Pappa & Zlatan, which is supposed to be around 100 pages and all drawn and ready within a month. Some hard work ahead…

The other thing that will take up a lot of my time will be working with the AltCom 2010 festival. I’m vary happy to say that the list of international guests will include artists such as Ho Che Anderson and Ivan Brun. I should also mention that the festival anthology is still open for submissions (on the theme of SEX & WAR). See the site for details.

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