HD: Världens Lyckligaste Folk 19-21

Lena Sundström’s book Världens Lyckligaste Folk, which has been serialised in Helsingborgs Dagblad has now been finished. These are my last illustrations:

This episode was about a muslim family behaving in a very unsettling and un-Danish way, having a barbecue on their lawn fr several hours…


-But this is frightening! On Strandvej!

-Yes, where is Denmark headed?


-But I don’t want t take off my veil.

-Don’t you understand that you’re oppressing me and the Danish people and threaten our care-free culture?

And the last one:

About not recognising a development towards a more racist society and then suddenly living in it. Translation:

-This isn’t Denmark.

-This isn’t Sweden. Is it?

Let’s hope not…

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