World tour 2011

Mattias Elftorp – Wormgod – Piracy is Liberation

World tour 2011

Events and stuff I will go to this year (everything isn’t certain yet, but I needed to keep track of the dates somehow)…

April 9-10, New York City MoCCA

May 5-8, Stockholm SPX

May 13-15, KemiThe Arctic Comics Festival

May 27-29, London International Alternative Press Festival

(May 27-June 13, London – Wormgod exhibition)

June 9-12, Beograd Novo Doba

June 16-19, Roma CRACK!

June 24-25, Munkedal Punk Illegal

Summer/fall 2011:

Malmöfestivalen, Bok- och Biblioteksmässan i Göteborg, Helsinki Comics Festival, I Seriernas Värld… But more on that later.

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