Upcoming publications…

Working on some new stuff, or have worked the last two months, or will work on during the near future…

In Swedish Comic Sin 2: Wet Spot. 16 pages of erotica.

In Serier Mot Rasism: Arg Kanin om Asylpolitik och rasistiska alibin. Same as in Asylkalendern 2011, but with two new pages added about incarceration and deportations.

In Dystopia [upcoming issue]: My New Roommate. Script by me, art by Emre Özdamarlar. Satire about world politics and neighborhood policing.

In Dystopia [upcoming issue]: konSEKVENS. By Wormgod. Comics version of the konSEKVENS exhibitions.

Piracy is Liberation 009: Deicide. Next book in the series. More postapocalypse than cyberpunk this time around. Will contain the finalist story Spyware from the Morning International Comics Competition + a remake of an older story that was always intended to be a part of the Piracy is Liberation backstory. The title of the book is a clue.

All of the above, if things go as planned, will be out in time for SPX in Stockholm (see link in previous post).

And I’m also planning to do something for the Arctic Comics Festival in Kemi, Finland. We’ll see how that goes. If nothing else, I guess it’ll go into a future issue of Dystopia

And there’s a secret future project that I’ll talk about when I know more. Maybe two new projects.

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