Right now…

Right now in my life: Preparations to profoundly change the Swedish comics scene (you’ll soon hear about Tusen serier), working on one graphic novel about Swedish migration policies that seems to have a great effect on people, working on my 9th Piracy is Liberation book (Deicide), which is going to be more postapocalypse than cyberpunk, and still be as relevant to current politics. I’m also involved with the upcoming antiracist anthology Serier Mot Rasism and the erotic comics anthology Swedish Comics Sin 2. Planning at least two upcoming Wormgod exhibitions within the nex half year or so. And let’s throw in a rapidly growing noise festival sometime during the spring/summer as well. Mind you, this is only what’s going on in the nearest 6 months or so.

In the meantime, the World Revolution seems to be spreading throughout the north of Africa since people all over the world has had enough. And if they are hundreds of thousands of people in the streets each day, the least we could do at home is assemble a fraction of that to stop the mass deportations of asylum seekers that our government is doing every third week.

Suddenly, watching lots of TV series these past 1,5 months doesn’t seem like such a waste of time anymore, more like mental preparation and well needed rest. Also, I’ve found a couple of really great new friends recently too, which is very nice.

Did I mention that this is the first time an a very long time that I’ve got 8h sleep withoug having to first fill myself with lots of whisky and beer?

And yes, there are a few other things as well: My living arrangements will change within a week, I’m still going to be unemployed next month(?) and I’m planning to go on a small tour in June (Novo Doba-CRACK!-Punk Illegal)… Details.

More on all of this later…

Edit: Oh, yeah, I forgot! I’m also planning to have a new batch of Dystopias ready for SPX in May, so I have to start talking to some people soon about getting material from them. Here’s a list of names to possibly look forward to: Emre Özdamarlar, Oskar Aspman, Radovan Popovic, Aleksandar Opacic, Vassilis Gogtzilas, Fanny M Bystedt, Amanda Casanellas, Feberdröm

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