Small Christmas Victories.

Hunting Lodge – Banishing Dirge.

Spent Christmas alone this year. Just me, Haibane Renmei and Bright Future (which was amazingly good by the way).

Haus Arafna – Paranoia.

It struck me yesterday at some point that for some reason you assume that you’re the only one being alone on Christmas. Which probably isn’t true, but it’s probably also the reason that it’s so hard on those who actually are alone (involuntarily so). It seems like everyone else in the world has got someone. Like the old Future Sound Of London song: Everyone in the world is doing something without me.

Karl Runau – Hope for your understanding.

Not for me though. I simply enjoy avoiding (as much as is possible) any kind of empty tradition for tradition’s sake. Sitting alone watching movies on Christmas eve feels like a small victory.

Hypnoskull – No Chance Left.

It’s a voctory (very small, but still) against tradition, against commercialism/capitalism and it’s prophet, Coca Cola’s own Santa Clause.

Alec Empire – Overdose.

Ok, that’s it. Time for breakfast (which, taking place after 18.00, is also a small voctory in itself)…

Current 93 – Crowleymass.


Ett steg närmare kulturell kollaps…

Sorry, this is in Swedish because I started writing it in Swedish so that’s the way it came out… Normally this blog is in English, of course.
Ang pågående fildelningsdebatt i HD

Precis som videon när den kom på 70-talet förstörde filmbranschen, precis som kassetten när den kom förstörde musikbranschen, så kommer nu fildelningen att förstöra all kulturproduktion. Det enda som kommer att finnas kvar är kultur som produceras för producentens egen skaparglädjes skull. Vad händer med den kommersiella kulturen om vinstintresset tas bort ur beräkningen? Tänk på allt fint som skulle försvinna.

Originaliteten kommer vi också att gå miste om när alla har fri tillgång till vad andra har gjort. Och tänk på allt skräp som kommer att flöda på fildelningsnätverken. Material som inte har prövats genom att behöva godkännas av de stora produktionsbolagen för att se om det är kommersiellt gångbart. Vanliga konsumenter, gratiskonsumenter dessutom, kommer att få avgöra på egen hand vad som är bra och dåligt. Vågar vi verkligen lita på deras omdöme?

Vågar vi dessutom lita på att behovet av kultur fortfarande är så stort att någon kommer att vara beredd att se till att dess kreatörer fortfarande har en försörjning? Vågar vi lita på att företag och/eller stat kan se sig ha ett tillräckligt intresse i att kultur fortsätter produceras?

Vi kan bara hoppas…



There’s an article about me in Sydsvenskan today (and if you look closely at the photo, you can see what’s on my T-shirt). I thought I’d celebrate that (and my upcoming birthday) by posting some new pages from my upcoming Piracy is Liberation book 005: Free Section… These aren’t finished yet, but I like to pretend that I’m working as hard as I should, so view them as work in progress.

There’s also something that wasn’t mentioned in the article, which is my Angry Animals comic. Sooner or later, I will have enough of these to fill a book, but for now they can be read in some different places. Like older issues of Mana and my website

Violence exhibition pt 4.

There are some who would claim that piracy is theft. Of course, the rest of us know this to be false.

Let me explain. One of the main characteristics of the phenomenon of theft if that the former owner is deprived of the stolen object. Copying the object is something entirely else. Anyhow…

Someone seems to have stolen one of the images from the Violence exhibition (this one):

Obviously the most popular of the exhibition, and I am flattered that someone would go to the trouble of stealing it. Though I have some problems with it.

1. Everyone won’t be able to see the entire exhibition.

2. I paid money for printing the images. If I don’t get paid through selling the images, I won’t get that money back and it was taken from the budget for the next Piracy is Liberation graphic novel…

3. I know I had a third reason, but I forgot…

Here’s an idea: Instead of stealing the exhibition (assuming you can’t afford to buy anything but still want a Piracy image on your wall), download one of the first two books and print a page to put on your wall. It’s free and hurts no one!

Piracys is Liberation 001: Information Wants to be Free @ TPB

Piracys is Liberation 002: Infotrip @ TPB

New end date for Violence at Panora: October 15!

No Bokmässa this year…

No bookfair in Göteborg this year for me, though my books will be sold there. Look for them here:

Title / publisher / booth#
Piracy is Liberation 001-004 / C’est Bon Kultur / Seriestaden A01:49
C’est Bon Anthology 2-5, vol. 1-5 / C’est Bon Kultur / Seriestaden A01:49
Trollet / Komika Förlag / Komika Förlag A01:28
Lantis: Den Siste Lantisen, Monster / Seriefrämjandet / Seriestaden A01:49

This is the first time this century that I haven’t been to the bookfair. Feels a bit weird, but also quite nice. Instead, I’ll try to make the Anarchist Bookfair in London, October 18.