Feel-Bad comics…

Edwige – Anna, the pleasure the torment (from the album The inconsolable widow thanks all those who consoled her).

Here’s a sample from a comic that will be published (with some variations, like added color) in an anthology from Komika Förlag on the theme of fire. It will be out sometime next year, I think. This is the remade version that will hopefully make it into C’est Bon Anthology vol. 7 (also next year)… 


Because I’m not interested in making feel-good comics. I recently re-read an old text of mine, about an exhibition we made with C’est Bon Kultur back in the days (ACETON (CH3COCH3, maybe someone remembers it). It made me want to do something reflecting this world we live in and it’s not always a pretty place.

My subtle Fuck You is not always that subtle (a friend/collaborator once said about my comics: “There’s a subtle ‘Fuck you’ to everything you do”, and it’s one of the remarks I ever got that I like the most).

Contagious Orgasm & Government Alpha – From the Outside.

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