Piracy is Liberation 006: Violence release|NOISEKVÄLL|utställning

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The Piracy is Liberation 006: Violence release party @ Utkanten (Industrigatan 20, Malmö)
July 4 2009
Music: Harsh noise and industrial live performances and a DJ-set with a selection of violent music.
Art: Two exhibitions on the theme of violence will be shown.

CONCRETE THREAT will present a one-man performance this time, but promises an experience at least as harsh as last time.
returns, this time in person and not just projected on the walls.
R.W.F. will do their first live performance in this constellation with their intense death-rave.
NIMAM SPREGLEDA will deliver hard old-school industrial.
More bands may be added…

WORMGOD presents an expansion of the exhibition konSEKVENS that was shown in Växjö earlier this year. Wormgod is the combined forces of Susanne Johansson and Mattias Elftorp.
MATTIAS ELFTORP will also make a rerun of parts of the Violence exhibition with a sequence from the book of the same name. : VÅLD


All back-issues of Piracy is Liberation will be available at good prices.

The entrance fee is 40 SEK, but you get in for free if you buy one or more copies of Piracy is Liberation. Please note that you need to be a member to get in. Send an email with name, first 6 digits and address to mattias@elftorp.com.
Membership costs 75 SEK/year.

This event is arranged by Wormgod with the support by C’est Bon Kultur.

If you’re on Facebook, here’s the event.

And here’s a video from the Concrete Threat gig at the Piracy005 release party:


Piracy007 in the works…

There will be a book 007 before the end of 2009 after all! I wasn’t sure, but events are falling into place that will allow me to do it. I’ll start working on it after the June World Tour (MoCCA in New York City, Punk Illegal in Munkedal and Crack! in Rome) is over… The theme for this book will be religion. I will explore the religious structures of the City’s society and we may get to witness the birth of a new semi-divine entity. Also, I suspect, the first appearance of Ming (who was mentioned in book 005).

We will also see the effects of the last pages of book 006. The rules have changed in a very fundamental way for the inhabitants of the City. So what’s the next step? How will the authorities/rebels react to this development?

As soon as Suss has some time I’ll ask her for a cover, and I’ll get to work on the insides of the book.

World tour 2009.

Tour dates and locations.

January 29 – February 1: Festival international de la bande dessinée d’Angoulême, Angoulême, France
February 20: Piracy005 Releasefest/Noisekväll, Stapelbädden Malmö, Sweden
April 16-18: Wormgod: konSEKVENS, Växjö Universitet, Sweden
April 23-26: SPX 09, Stockholm, Sweden
June 6-7: MoCCA Artfest, New York City, USA
June 17-21: Crack! Comics festival, Rome, Italy
July 4: Piracy006 Releasefest/Noisekväll/Wormgod: Våld, Utkanten Malmö, Sweden
July 11: Hacknight, Utkanten Malmö, Sweden
August 19: Malmöfestivalen (guest at CBK’s event), Malmö, Sweden
August 22-September 13: Wormgod: konSEKVENS 2.0, Panora, Malmö, Sweden
September 4: Wormgod: WALL 001, at harsh noise concert at Skånes Konstförening, Malmö, Sweden (also inofficial Piracy007 release)
September 12-13: Helsingin Sarjakuvafestivaali, Helsinki, Suomi
September 19: Wormgod: Zombies @ Malmö Queer Art & Film Festival, Panora, Malmö, Sweden
September 24-27: Bok- och Biblioteksmässan, Göteborg, Sweden
October 24: Anarchist Bookfair, London, England
October 30-November 1: I Seriernas Värld, Malmö, Sweden
October ?: C’est Bon Panorama II, Panora Malmö, Sweden
November ?: ComICA(?)

Review of Piracy005

Still listening to Sanctification, trying to conjure money by writing mundane spells, casting them via the internet.

And while I’m doing that, stumbling upon a review of Piracy is Liberation 005: Free Section in Tidningen Kulturen by Gustaf Andersson.

Att det finns bra och dåliga punklåtar råder det inga tvivel om. De dåliga brukar oftast kännas igen på att de snarare vill vara punklåtar än att de är, att klichéerna stapplas på varandra. De bra däremot känns igen på att de bara är punklåtar, helt skoningslöst. På samma sätt är det med Mattias Elftorps tidskriftsprojekt Piracy is liberation. Den bara är punk. Dystopin är oursäktande. (more…)

Allright, back to work…

Oh, by the way, I updated my website today. Added some Wormgod info and one or more (I can’t keep such things as numbers or memories in my head right now) new images. Go check it out!

Piracy005 release party!

From the CONCRETE THREAT gig at the FREE SECTION release party last Friday:


There’s also a little clip of FEBERDRÖM & NYRODHA, some photos and stuff at the Piracy is Liberation site. If anyone has a video clip of EN HALVKOKT I FOLIE, please let me know and I’ll put it up on the site as well.

Also, the day after that, I went to a Skånes Konstförening/Singsang event to see FRIA KONSTELLATIONEN, SUDDEN INFANT and ÄTTESTUPA. All quite nice, if not as harsh as the Friday thing. It’s interesting. After two nights of this, I feel almost as if I’m in love, but in a music style. It’s Sunday night and I’m still floating on some kind of high. Maybe it helps too that I’m listening to the Treriksröset – Venal tape that I bought yesterday…

Within the nearest weeks I’ll be trying not to do very much other than draw the remaining 40 or so pages of Violence, so I can have it printed and have an excuse for another release party.