Piracy is Liberation 007-011.

So I’ve started writing the next installment of Piracy is Liberation. Book 007: Spiders, as it turns out, will be book 007: Spiders pt. 1 and book 008: Spiders pt 2.

This may change, of course, but it’s the way it looks right now. The interesting thing is, now that I’m dividing the story up into volumes of ca 6 books, that I can no longer plan one book at a time (of course I used to have further plans before, but this time they need to be more detailed). Now I need to have a structure for book 007 that works in itself and also works together with book 008 and also works with the books up until 011. It makes the whole scripting process a lot more interesting.

What was going to be book 012 will now be book 000. Possibly made together with one or more other artists and based on a story I made for the very first issue of C’est Bon back in 2001.

So anyway. This next story arc will deal with the Information Upgrade that has been hinted at in the recent books. It will also deal with the religious/political system of the City as well as the apocalypse. How the world turned out the way it did. And, of course, the relationships and dealings of the characters we’ve met so far in the series.

So that’s it for now. More planning will be done and anything I just said may turn out to be a lie in the next few days/weeks as work progresses.

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