HackNight, July 11 2009

The description of my part of HackNight at Utkanten on Saturday:

I’ll be talking about the world of Piracy is Liberation, my cyberpunk postapocalypse series of graphic novels, where I got the idea for the original concept and how it progressed from there. By looking at the story and describing the City where it takes place, I hope to paint a picture of how the comic mirrors the reality of sweden in particular and capitalist society in general. I’d also like to talk a bit about how I’ve handled different story elements, like gender, media and collectivity/individuality when I’ve constructed this fictional world.

I may write something about any of these topics here on the blog during the week, if I’m not busy working on the new book.

In the meantime, here’s a color version of the first image made for Piracy is Liberation 007: Spiders pt. 1:


It is also a Wormgod image and will be available as a print at the upcoming Wall 001 exhibition (when and where that will be remains unknown, so check the site in the near future for more info as it comes).

2 thoughts on “HackNight, July 11 2009”

  1. Just want to insert a “wow” here. I saw the ginormous banner art you hung in the entrance hall at Utkanten. Blew everyone away. Stark raving glamourous.


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