Upcoming appearances…

Added some stuff to the world tour schedule:

July 11: Hacknight, Utkanten Malmö, Sweden
September 19: Wormgod: Zombies @ Malmö Queer Art & Film Festival, Panora, Malmö, Sweden

The first one is a hacker festival at Utkanten in Malmö, where I will talk a bit about Piracy is Liberation.

The second one will be some kind of talk about the Wormgod: ZOMBIES project, which is still very much in the future at this point, held by me and Suss. This will be in cinjunction with the showing of Bruce LaBruce’s film Otto or Up With Dead People, so we’ll probably talk a bit about that one too. More info about all this will come later at Panora‘s website.

And, of course, no one interested in Piracy is Liberation, Wormgod or extreme music should miss the party this Saturday at Utkanten!

See you there!

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