Best of the Year 2008…

Johanna M Beyer – Music of the Spheres.

Forbidden Planet asked me to write something about what I thought about the comics year of 2008.

This is what I wrote.

Hiroyuki Onogawa – Metal Dub Soup.

Tonight is when we make the selection for C’est Bon Anthology vol. 7. We got a lot of good material to chose from, so it looks promising. The deadline for C’est Bon Anthology vol. 8 will be June 1, so if you’re a comics artist reading this, don’t hesitate to send us your stuff!

Con-Dom – Master Speaks.

And in the Gaza strip, people keep being massacred…

Deleted scenes…

Autechre – Sublimit.There’s quite a lot of material for an alternative version of the dream sequence in the beginning of book 004: Copies and Originals. That scene was meant to be much longer from the beginning, but for different reasons it didn’t turn out that way. One day I’ll get around to scanning it to show the sketches at least…

And here’s an old character sketch, from 2002(?):


Phylr – Far and Away (Circuit Redux Remix).

By the way, I am as good as finished with the script for Violence now. Will start drawing next week, if not tomorrow…


There’s an ever-growing pile of papers with notes for Piracy is Liberation that I have to go through during the writing process for every new script. An assortment of ideas that either have been used already, are meant to go in future books or are not going to be used at all. They’re lying around on no particular order right now, so I have to go through all of it to see if there’s something I had planned that I want to use for Piracy is Liberation 006: Violence.

Some of the unused stuff is interesting. These things may make it into stories that have nothing to do with the Piracy universe. Some of them will show up on the Infotrip site as the equivalent of Deleted Scenes. I just put some stuff up there (on the pages for book 001 and 004). Filed under Story.


There’s an article about me in Sydsvenskan today (and if you look closely at the photo, you can see what’s on my T-shirt). I thought I’d celebrate that (and my upcoming birthday) by posting some new pages from my upcoming Piracy is Liberation book 005: Free Section… These aren’t finished yet, but I like to pretend that I’m working as hard as I should, so view them as work in progress.

There’s also something that wasn’t mentioned in the article, which is my Angry Animals comic. Sooner or later, I will have enough of these to fill a book, but for now they can be read in some different places. Like older issues of Mana and my website

Violence exhibition pt 4.

There are some who would claim that piracy is theft. Of course, the rest of us know this to be false.

Let me explain. One of the main characteristics of the phenomenon of theft if that the former owner is deprived of the stolen object. Copying the object is something entirely else. Anyhow…

Someone seems to have stolen one of the images from the Violence exhibition (this one):

Obviously the most popular of the exhibition, and I am flattered that someone would go to the trouble of stealing it. Though I have some problems with it.

1. Everyone won’t be able to see the entire exhibition.

2. I paid money for printing the images. If I don’t get paid through selling the images, I won’t get that money back and it was taken from the budget for the next Piracy is Liberation graphic novel…

3. I know I had a third reason, but I forgot…

Here’s an idea: Instead of stealing the exhibition (assuming you can’t afford to buy anything but still want a Piracy image on your wall), download one of the first two books and print a page to put on your wall. It’s free and hurts no one!

Piracys is Liberation 001: Information Wants to be Free @ TPB

Piracys is Liberation 002: Infotrip @ TPB

New end date for Violence at Panora: October 15!

Violence exhibition pt 2.

Vibracathedral Orchestra – Weaving the Magic

The Violence exhibition is up and running. So is the European Social Forum. And at the same time as Violence opened, fittingly enough, something else took place. The local cops stages a wild protest against their own union. I wonder if they had a permit for their demonstration. I wonder who will beat them up if their thing goes out of hand?

Anyway. Here’s a photo of a part of the exhibition:

The prints are 110x86cm. They can be bought for 500 SEK/copy. Contact me ( ) to order…

Well. That’s it. I’m going to bed.

Loop Orchestra – Cirka 1901

Violence exhibition!

This is an exhibition of the story called Violence (which will be published in Piracy is Liberation 006: Violence). It is also a comment on the political climate in Malmö.

Police are sent in by social democrats against constitutionally protected actions taken by the union. They force children up against the wall, accusing them of crimes they couldn’t possibly have committed, simply because they look like immigrants.

Time and again, the police prove that they aren’t here to protect us but to control, to hold anyone back who dares to stray outside of the norms of what it’s supposed to mean to be Swedish.

The exhibition is dedicated to Malmö 26, the 26 who were indicted for being on the picket line against a sushi restaurant at Lilla Torg in Malmö.

Organizers: C’est Bon Kultur & Folkets Bio Malmö