2019 is over, and now it’s … 2022?

Time is weird lately. I normally make a couple of blogposts in the end/beginning of the year to let you know what I’ve been up to, stuff I’ve made, stuff I’ve read/watched/played etc, but I didn’t manage to do that last year so I have some catching up to do.

Seems I have more to talk about than I really have the time to write, but I’ll do my best in the coming blogposts, beginning with

What I did in 2020-2021

I didn’t actually do much this last year. Mostly since I’m not allowed to do too much due to the unemployment insurance rules. Even the amount of pro bono/non-profit work is restricted (as it turns out, even more restricted than I thought, but that’s a story for another time. I can hopefully talk about it after I’ve managed to sort out the whole mess OR after I’ve given up on fixing it). But I did some stuff in 2020, and even if I didn’t actually produce all that much in 2021, I got some stuff published during the year.

I’ve written about some of it earlier in the blog, so this is more of a list to sum things up. Links to more info are in the captions.

To start with, you can get all my available stuff through Hybriden by ordering (books, prints, anthologies, zines) from the webshop there.



I’m not doing a post about upcoming stuff this time because I’m mainly going to try to have an income in some form or other and I’m not sure yet what that will mean. Right now I’m living on money I managed to put aside last time I had an employment, plus a couple of grants I got, so hopefully I can fix this situation before I run out. If/when that changes I’ll let you know…

Coming up soon(?):
-Escapism 2020/2021 pt1a: What I read
-Escapism 2020/2021 pt1b: More things I read
-Escapism 2020/2021 pt1c: Even more things I read
-Escapism 2020/2021 pt1d: Further readings
-Escapism 2020/2021 pt2: What I watched
-Escapism 2020/2021 pt3: What I played

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