Comic Strip World Championship launch stream

Last Tuesday, Fanzineverkstaden hosted a video panel introducing the 2021 Comic Strip World Championship.

Harri Filppa and Sami Nyssölä came from Oulu, picking up Mari Ahokoivu and Peter Snejbjerg from Copenhagen on their way to Malmö, and we had a really nice talk in front of the cameras.

The deadline is already over as I post this, but the stream remains. Hope anyone who wanted to join got a chance to do that, and may the best strip creator win!

In case you don’t know…

Mari Ahokoivu was published by CBK a few years back (Find me in this city and a bunch of issues of CBA). She also recently released Oksi, which looks really nice.

Peter Snejbjerg has worked on lots of stuff for DC/Vertigo, such as Starman, Books of Magic, The Dreaming etc, as well as his own Marlene (Mareridt in Danish).

Sami Nyssölä made books like Learn Finnish without studying, 24 days – a Refugee’s Journey (which we have a few copies of for sale, just not in the webshop yet) and most recently Be Finnish Without Suffering.

Harri Filppa is working with the Oulun Sarjakuvakeskus (comics centre) and is one of the main organizers of the Oulu Comics Festival. He’s also made the graphic novel Death Did Us Part.

And of course there’s me

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