75 years…

75 years since the liberation of Auschwitz. Will we make it to 100 without a repetition of the Holocaust? This year, for some reason, someone somehow allowed the Sweden Democrats (our biggest racist party) be in charge of a remembrance ceremony. Oh, did I call them racist? I’m not sure that’s allowed anymore, because it would mean that a great segment of the Swedish population would also be racist for supporting them. And we can’t have that, can we? They did use to be nazis, and they do blame every bad thing they can think of on immigrants, muslims, leftists, descendants of immigrants, feminists etc. But that’s not enough anymore, it seems, as long as they don’t openly call themselves racist.

Anyway, I made these two comics (I only have Swedish versions, sorry for that) for the exhibition Mus, Mouse, Maus in 2010/2011, an exhibition to honor Art Spiegelman’s excellent comic Maus, and also in remembramce of the Holocaust:

And the follow-up, since they asked for a new, less provocative version for a later edition of the exhibition:

I really should translate these, shouldn’t I? I’ll try to do that at some point…

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