50% off on all my Wormgod books in a big sale which also includes books from Tusen Serier and CBK, lasting Nov 29 – Jan 1.

Go to the Hybriden webshop and have a look!

We’ve also started putting up prints on the site, so you can find some of my stuff in that section as well. We’ll be adding to the prints some at a time during the coming weeks…

We also spent some time recently putting up what remains of our old back-issues of C’est Bon (2001-2004) and C’est Bon Anthology (2004-2005) in the shop, in case you’re a completist or just curious. Those are also included in the sale.

And you can now see the complete list of artists published in any of the incarnations av CB/CBA in this list, complete with links to the books they’re included in at the shop. It’s 263 artists so far, including a whole bunch of extremely skilled ones. Looking at this list always makes me proud to have been involved in working with these books.

If you for some reason don’t care about anyone else and just want my stuff, here’s a direct link to that.

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