CBK: Qtopia

Right now, Hybriden is showing an exhibition of the latest volume of CBA.

The theme is Qtopia:

So many LGBTQ narratives end in tragedy as a consequence of the LGBTQ-hood of the characters. Those stories are important because LGBTQ people are still being targeted by prejudice, discrimination and violence, but in this volume of CBA we encouraged artists to do something different. To tell queer stories where the queerness isn’t a narrative catalyst for bad things, but rathera source for joy or love or just one characteristic among others.

Queer tales about situations involving LGBTQ characters. Utopian queer tales in the sense that everything might not be perfect, but at least the horrible things that happen don’t have anything to do with the characters’ sexual orientation.

My contribution to this volume is the left-hand side of the cover spread, which was a collaboration by a bunch of us in the CBK crew: Kinga Dukaj (idea + coloring), Luddvig Melin, Lisa Örtlund, Henrik Rogowski and me.

Go check out the exhibition at Hybriden, and/or buy the book at our webshop!

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