Christmas is coming…

The Holidays are coming, when we celebrate Capitalism and its Prophit, the Coca Cola-colored Santa Claus who will bring us gifts, bought in the finest stores and prepared by his many sweatshop workers, the elves.

Here are a few suggestions for things to give to your loves ones etc (unless otherwise stated, these are all in English):

Jag & min Pappa & ZlatanAvailable in Swedish or English

120 sek

By Mattias Elftorp
You can try to hide the ugly face of Sweden by forcing all immigrants to wear masks, but will it work? Sara’s dream is to meet Zlatan, but will her dreams come true or her nightmares?

The Troll150 sek

By Mattias Elftorp
5D consciousness explained! Claypocalypse! Troll magic! Includes 3D glasses.

After The Ends Of The World120 sek

By Mattias Elftorp, Susanne Johansson & Heidi Somero
Visions from after the ends of the world.
Includes soundtrack by Comcrete Threat, Knullkraft, Feberdröm, Nimam Spregleda & Dekoder.

Transgressions120 sek

By Mattias Elftorp & Susanne Johansson
A story about transgressing borders of gender, nations, species and even reality itself.
Includes soundtrack by Feberdröm.

Piracy is Liberation vol 01: Only Sinners Disobey180 sek

By Mattias Elftorp
Cyberpunk postapocalypse!
Collecting books 001-006. 436 pages!

Piracy is Liberation vol 02: Download everything180 sek

By Mattias Elftorp
Cyberpunk postapocalypse!
Collecting books 007-011. 336 pages!

A Subtle Fuck You80 sek

By Mattias Elftorp
Collection of short stories.






























































You can order these and more using PayPal or bank transfer from or from the Swedish web-based bookstores, lika AdLibris, Bokus, etc.



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