AltCom 2012!

AltCom 2012 is getting closer. Read all about it here:

To sum it up, this is what you should do:

– Tusen Serier exhibition opening @ Folkets Park 16-18.
This is an outdoors exhibition with me and Amanda Casanellas+ some of the artists of our project Tusen Serier: Amalia Alvarez, Emre Özdamarlar, Aida Ghardagian, Marco Leal. There will be wine, music, fire…

Then take a small break before going to

– CBK: In> <Bestween @ Biograf Spegeln 19-22
C’est Bon Kultur, my old comics collective, doing an exhibition about the stories in between the pages of a story by Allan Haverholm. There will be more wine and probably some other entertainment as well.

– CCC: Sem Fronteiras @ Galleri Ocampo 12-18
Portuguese Chili Com Carne had an exhibition a year ago at the same place. You might remember it (Futuro Primitivo). This time, it’s four artists, Ana Biscaia, André Lemos, André Coelho and Jucifer (two of which will be attending the festival), showing off their drawings. I’ve seen some of them already, they look great! There will be wine. I know that’s what you’re really after.

– Stripburger in print @ Café Simpan 18-01
A collection of Stripburger prints, posters, covers. This Slovenian group was probably my first contact with the European underground of comics, when some of them visited Malmö and SPX in 2003(?). Through them I discovered Danijel Zezelj, for example. Who you should really check out if you don’t already know his work…

FRIDAY (Nov 9):
– Nema Granice @ Kanten 13-17
This is a one-day exhibition only, so don’t miss it! I first discovered this part of the Balkan comics scene at some point when I stumbled upon an old piblication from Serbian Kosmoplovci/Studiostrip which I think was an exhibition catalogue or portfolio maybe. I thought there were some really interesting things there and I wanted to publish these artists in C’est Bon Anthology. I got their contact info through Ivana Armanini of Komikaze. Or I discovered them on the Komikaze site first and found the book later, who knows?
Meeting them all in real life for the first time at CRACK! years later, I heard about the Novo Doba festival in Belgrade so I went there the following year and met the people organizing it and here we are. And here they will be: Studiostrip, Komikaze, Turbo Comix/Novo Doba.
And yes: There will be wine and a DJ set by DJ Tozd.

Just after that, go from Kanten, across the street, through the fence and around the building to:

– Wormgod: Transgressions & TRAUMA @ Borgen 17-04
I tried to figure out what pictures to make under the title TRANSGRESSIONS for our Wormgod exhibition, but it seemed easier to make a book first and then use that as inspiration for the images. So I did. The art was a collaboration between me and Susanne Johansson (the other half of Wormgod) and there will be a soundtrack by Feberdröm. I got the books from the printer already and now we’re waiting for the CDs. And yes, then we made those pictures and we’re waiting for them to get printed too.
The first hour is the exhibition opening and there will be no entrance fee during this time, when we will also play a CD by Sektor 304 (who were going to play at TRAUMA but couldn’t make it) and show a video session with videos from Studiostrip/Kosmoplovci. Then TRAUMA starts, with 5 o’clock traffic, Anatomiteatern, Knullkraft, Khmer Noir and Lenhart Tapes (who I also met at CRACK!). There will be wine. There will be noise.

SATURDAY & SUNDAY (Nov 10-11):
– Comics fair @ Folkets Park 12-18 with lots of books, panels & presentations and more exhibitions, performance etc. I have to go to sleep now, so follow the link in the beginning of this post to see the details for this one. You’ll have to bring your own wine for this one.

And at all of these events, you can get the AltCom 2012 NO BORDERS anthology for free! 176 pages, comics by lots of international artists, cover by Bill Koeb. Niice!

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