Kristiina Kolehmainen

Kristiina Kolehmainen
1956 – 2012

Being part of the international and Swedish comics scene, I have a lot to thank Kristiina Kolehmainen for. She broke down some of the borders between Sweden and the rest of the world and gave me access to parts of the international comics scene I may very well have missed if it wasn’t for her.

The last time I met her, we shared a few beers after the end of the I Seriernas Värld comics festival in Malmö 2011. I was disillusioned over Sweden in general and she helped me see, not that I was wrong but that I had an ally. Someone who understood exactly what I mean and could give me some added insights into what’s wrong with this place. It meant a lot to me right then. Still does.

I miss you, Kristiina.


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