Takes one to make one…

My third and final image for the C’est Bon Panorama II: Frankenstein exhibition is done. Here’s a sample:


It’s about saying “Fuck you” and finally moving out from your parents. Trying to stand on your own two legs, living your own life.

Or maybe it’s about being thrown out into the storm by your own father because he was too chickenshit to take responsibility for his creation.

Well. At least it hasn’t started raining. Yet.

The exhibition opens at Biograf Spegeln (Malmö), October 30, between 18-21.


At the same time, I’m also participating in two or three other exhibitions. It’s all part of the big I Seriernas Värld event that will be taking place in Malmö from the end of October until the end of November.

The biggest one is Seriemaskerad, which will be held in Malmö Muséer (Teknikens och Sjöfartens hus), Oct 26-Nov 22. Opening October 30, 14-16 (it’s going to be a busy day)…

I’ve made two masks for this exhibition. This is one of them (photo taken with my crappy cellphone camera):


There’s also going to be an exhibition of the entries to the Seriemaskerad comics competition, which I participated in, so I’ll have some work in that one too, at Form/Design Center, Oct 30-Nov 1. The winner will be announced October 30, at 19 if I remember correctly.

October 30 will finish off with some kind of party which will also be at Form/Design Center, where I’ll take part in a comics battle. A team from Malmö will meet a team from Stockholm.

I think I might also be exhibited in the Seriernas Värld exhibition with some Piracy is Liberation originals, since that exhibition will be shown Oct 30-Nov 1, also at Form/Design Center. At least they’ve been showing my stuff when the exhibition was shown in Örebro, but I don’t know what material will be shown here…

There’s also (this never ends) the comics marketplace which will be at Form/Design Center, Oct 30-Nov 1. I don’t know how I’ll manage to do everything at once, but I’ll try to make sure that Piracy is Liberation 001-007 will be available there.

November 1, at Biograf Spegeln in conjunction with the Panorama II exhibition, there will be a special showing of a bunch of Frankenstein movies.

And there is the party, October 31, at Debaser. Seriemaskerad: Come dressed up as a comic book character. Why not chose one from Piracy is Liberation? If you do, find me and I’ll give you a free copy of one of the books.

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