In the news today they were talking about new research results that said that humanity (at least us in the rich parts) are living above our natural resources and because of that we’re basically fucked. And they presented this as news.

I could have told them that when I was seven. They could have come to me 23 years ago and asked. Then maybe we wouldn’t have been as fucked.

But seriously, how can this be presented as news? I’m sure they must have mentioned it on TV in the 80s. Of course, that’s beyond the limit of how far ago people(?) remember things. But they said it again just a couple of years ago.

It is not news. We are fucked. And not in any good way. Stupid TV news.

In other news, there are some films coming out soon. Michael Moore is using the C-word, pointing out what the big problem is: Capitalism.

And there’s another film called The End of Poverty that says that the poor parts of the world are paying for the rich parts of the world. Because we are living above our rexources. Man, I could have told them that too when I was seven.

These two films are connected, to each other and to the first item I mentioned, in case that wasn’t already clear. I’m pretty sure I made that connection too when I was seven. It’s really not that hard to get.

And it kind of made me think that we deserve whatever we get in terms of being fucked. When I was seven.

Did the old Indians see this? Is that why they didn’t bother to count longer than to 2012? Because they fugured we’d get ourselves fucked right around now?

Oh, and maybe I should also mention that I’ll be at the Gothenburg Bookfair this week (Thursday to Sunday) and that my new book (and the old ones of course) will be there as well. Booth number

A02:39. Come check it out.

Piracy is Liberation 008: Spiders pt 1 -cover by Susanne Johansson
Piracy is Liberation 008: Spiders pt 1 -cover by Susanne Johansson

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