Everyone has AIDS

I can’t believe I never realised before on how many levels Team America works.

Take the scene in the beginning (Everyone has AIDS) and combine it with the main plot revelation of Watchmen (and, for that matter, Heroes season 1). If everyone in the world had AIDS, things would go in one of a couple of choices for direction. Either we would all die in the AIDS World War. Or all wars would cease and everyone would simply have to work together to find a cure and maybe we would solve all the other problems of this world too. Or maybe people would just give up and humanity would die on a generation or two due to inaction. Whatever the result, it could be just what we need.

Think about it. But don’t act on it, there might be a better plan.

And the soundtrack for this nice, if a bit slow, morning is:
Nightmares on Wax – Passion

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