The Rage

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I read some editorial texts in Sydsvenskan, the local newspaper, today (for some reason, we got one in the mail). I hardly ever read papers. It seems like a waste of paper when news are just as available digitally. Seems even more a waste after reading this crap.

One of the texts were about the G8 summit in Tokyo. More specifically it was about the agreement on the climate which even the US agreed on, but critics are disappointed because it could have been a better deal and may already be tool little, too late. The text ends by some kind of attempt to ridicule the protesters because they seem less interested in the environment and more anti-G8 and anti-war.

Of course, the environment is important and we may all be fucked if it isn’t fixed fast, but it also seems to work as a diversion. It’s very convenient for some people to talk about the environment and ignore war, poverty, oppression and all that.

Here’s some inspiration:

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