Memories of 2016…

As we have seen in The Troll. memories work both backwards and forwards in what we usually see as the linear flow of time.


They’re not always exactly corresponding to what actually happens when it actually happens, so bear that in mind when reading these recollections from the future:


CBK and Tusen Serier will move into a new space together at Mitt Möllan. It will work as a combined exhibition space and studio, with the possibility for workshops and a store for buying our books, as well as stuff from Wormgod, Ritualen and others that are connected to CBK or Tusen Serier in some way.


Personally, I really really want to get started on the next Piracy is Liberation book. I also have ideas for The Troll 2, but I promised myself I would make another Piracy book first. It’s been far too long…


I wrote the script for a book that is now being drawn by Shko Askari, to be published by Tusen Serier pretty soon, I hope. I have a preliminary title for it, but I’m trying to think of a better one, so I won’t tell you what it is.

I didn’t manage to make the Transgressions 2 book last year, which would have a soundtrack by Brazilian band Anarcho Vomit Noise, but with any luck that could also happen this year.



Apart from the Askari book, there are several more books planned from Tusen Serier. Here are a few of them:

Myling by Amanda Casanellas & Yossra El Said:


Five stories about prostituters by Amalia Alvarez:


Void by Susanne Johansson (published as a collaboration between Wormgod & Tusen Serier):


Mapuche – Jordens folk by Jorge Varilla



From CBK, CBA vol 30 already came from the printer but hasn’t been officially released yet, so that will happen when we get the new space up and running:


This is actually the last issue from last year, so there will be 4 more in 2016. But more on those later. We’re right now in the process of finishing the selection for vol 32, which has been a far more complicated process that expected, then there’s a graphic novel issue by Julia Scott (some time around May) and two more anthology issues before the year is over. We’re right now preparing the call for submissions for those books.

I will be the main editor of vol 37, but that’s not until 2018. No hurry…


The Troll exhibition is still up at the old Tusen Serier place, but it’s not really open for the public any longer…

We also have some other stuff planned for the new place, but it’s all very vague so far, so I can’t say any more about it yet…

I’ve been asked to have an exhibition at the comics centre in Oulu in August. That’s gonna be fun, especially if I’ll be able to go there to see it myself. Tommi Musturi will have an exhibition there at the same time, so that could turn out really nice.


So the AltCom festival will happen in August, after all (for a while we thought we would have no budget for it at all, but then we got some so now everything is ok). We will try to figure out the last details in the coming few months, and then there will be some kind of announcement about it.


Not sure yet which other festivals I’m going to, but here’s a preliminary plan for the tour of 2016:

Uppsala Comix
Novo Doba

Maybe also Å-fest and possibly something else. It all depends on funding, mostly. Anyway, see you there, hopefully!


Oh, and did I mention that I am currently unemployed? Luckily, there should be no problem with the unemployment insurance, so it’s ok, but I will need to spend some time looking for new paid jobs. Some of the above will come with some money, but most of it is pure creativity and lack of self-preservation skills.

As you may have noticed, I didn’t include any links here, so for more information you can go to and find your way to most of what I’ve mentioned here.

Anyway. The future is coming towards us and not all of it is bright. As usual. So let’s just do our best and I’ll see you when it arrives.

Christmas is coming…

The Holidays are coming, when we celebrate Capitalism and its Prophit, the Coca Cola-colored Santa Claus who will bring us gifts, bought in the finest stores and prepared by his many sweatshop workers, the elves.

Here are a few suggestions for things to give to your loves ones etc (unless otherwise stated, these are all in English):

Jag & min Pappa & ZlatanAvailable in Swedish or English

120 sek

By Mattias Elftorp
You can try to hide the ugly face of Sweden by forcing all immigrants to wear masks, but will it work? Sara’s dream is to meet Zlatan, but will her dreams come true or her nightmares?

The Troll150 sek

By Mattias Elftorp
5D consciousness explained! Claypocalypse! Troll magic! Includes 3D glasses.

After The Ends Of The World120 sek

By Mattias Elftorp, Susanne Johansson & Heidi Somero
Visions from after the ends of the world.
Includes soundtrack by Comcrete Threat, Knullkraft, Feberdröm, Nimam Spregleda & Dekoder.

Transgressions120 sek

By Mattias Elftorp & Susanne Johansson
A story about transgressing borders of gender, nations, species and even reality itself.
Includes soundtrack by Feberdröm.

Piracy is Liberation vol 01: Only Sinners Disobey180 sek

By Mattias Elftorp
Cyberpunk postapocalypse!
Collecting books 001-006. 436 pages!

Piracy is Liberation vol 02: Download everything180 sek

By Mattias Elftorp
Cyberpunk postapocalypse!
Collecting books 007-011. 336 pages!

A Subtle Fuck You80 sek

By Mattias Elftorp
Collection of short stories.






























































You can order these and more using PayPal or bank transfer from or from the Swedish web-based bookstores, lika AdLibris, Bokus, etc.



The story behind The Troll…

If you’re into comics, you may have come across a phenomenon called the 24 hour comic challenge. The rules are that you have to make a comic of 24 pages within 24 hours, from idea to finished story. It’s a great experiment, because after you’ve done it at least once, deadlines seem less intimidating and your self-esteem gets a boost.

I’ve done it a few times, with varying results. There’s a rumor that one time I didnät have time to spend 24h, so instead I made 24 pages in 24 minutes. But I don’t remember and I can’t remember seeing the result. Stress can do that to you.


Anyway. They usually do it once a year at the Comics school in Malmö, where I took my second year in 2005. I think I was done writing and drawing after 18h, and I spent the rest of the time scanning and doing halftones etc. In the end I think I had one minute to spare or something. The result was The Troll.

I was quite happy with it, so in 2008 I asked Mikke Schirén who was running Komika förlag if he wanted to publish it, which he did. Shortly after it came out, Komika was closed down. So there were a some copies (I think the print run was pretty small, possibly Print on Demand) but it didn’t even make it onto Komika’s website and there was probably no distribution at all. I got a few author’s copies, but since it was a Swedish edition and I mostly do stuff in English, so it  took me a while to get rid of them.

I always liked the story, however. It was heavily inspired by the films of Shinya Tsukamoto and their soundtracks composed by Chu Ishikawa. Tsukamoto is probably best known for the Japanese cyberpunk classic Tetsuo: the Iron man, but his other movies are also really great (best are possibly Tokyo Fist, A Snake of June, Kotoko and I could go on but I won’t). They’ve calmed down in later years, but they still manage to be really intense at the same time. If you’ve seen his Bullet Ballet, you may notice that the gun from that film made an appearance in The Troll.


So when I heard that Mikke was resurrecting Komika in 2014, I asked him if he’d be interested in republishing the story, and he said yes. So I prepared the files for a bigger size and for two editions, one in Swedish and one in English. And then nothing happened. I think I was waiting for an ISBN or something, until I got tired and thought: While I wait, why don’t I make it longer?

So I added a prequel chapter and planned to make two more chapters after the original story. I had an idea for the prequel, so I started with that, but I didn’t really know what would happen after the original story (which was now chapter 2).

When I made the first 24h story, it felt right to end it with an apocalyptic scenario and a quote paraphrasing Tetsuo, but it made it harder to continue the story afterwards. Then, one night I was watching Star Trek Voyager with Kinga Dukaj. For some reason (this probably happened during a bathroom break, because I kind of remember having a shit) I started thinking about memory. Maybe something in the Star Trek episode reminded me of something from my childhood and got me thinking about how different persons can remember the same event completely differently.

Anyway, I came back and we started talking about memory, and how it works, and how maybe memories differ because they originate in parallel timelines, and we just went on from there. I realised that I should take notes. I also realised that this might be the key to what was going to happen in the two final chapters of The Troll. And it was.
So this book that started out as a regular apocalypse story, with a manga-esque family trauma for a prequel, turned into a philosophical discussion about the nature of human consciousness, largely inspired by various youtube videos about extra dimensions,the multiverse and string theory. And when I decided to introduce a 5-dimensional character and realised that I could make that character in 3D, it got really interesting. There are also some elements about corporate logic and an evil boss and war, but I won’t spoil the ending by talking more about that.

Yep, this is what the beginning of a script looks like…

I finished the English version first, and got a few copies (Print on Demand) just in time for the CRACK! festival and a visit to Le Garage L in Forcalquier, France. But when I wanted more copies for the festivals of the fall, circumstances prevented Mikke from giving me more than 10 more copies and no 3D glasses. So we came to an agreement, because I’ve also had a job for a while so I had saved some money, that I would publish the English version as a Wormgod book instead. And here we are now, as the books arrived today and I couldn’t be happier about how it finally turned out!


There will be a release party/exhibition on December 12 at Tusen Serier, and because I could be happier about a lot of things, half of what I sell for at the release will go to Kontrapunkt and their work with refugees and the local Roma people who were thrown out of their camp by the Social Democrats and the City of Malmö.

Facebook event


It's 3D!!
It’s 3D!!


It’s been going on since the 4th, but I haven’t really had time to sit down by my computer until now, so, during July and possibly longer, I’m having an exhibition together with Kinga Dukaj (of CBK & Tusen Serier) at Le Garage L in Forcalcier, France.

After the CRACK! festival, we went there to hang out for a while, set up the exhibition and make a small book together. It’s my first screenprinted/handmade book, and it feels really good to have done it, especially at this great place that is the bookshop/print workshop/exhibition space/etc of Le Garage L.



(Both images made by Kinga)



For the exhibition, I brought mostly my Wormgod stuff but also some new prints. Some of them containing 3D images from The Troll, which I got from the printer just the day before leaving for this small European tour.

More on The Troll later, as there will be some kind of release event in Malmö, we’re just waiting to get the 3D glasses so it can be officially released…

SIS – Stockholm International Comics festival

I’m going to be at this year’s Stockholms Internationella Seriefestival (SIS), at the tables of Wormgod, Tusen Serier and C’est Bon Kultur (but mainly with Wormgod – check the others’ websites to see what they will bring)!

I will bring the Wormgod titles:

NEW: After the ends of the world by Wormgod (Me, Susanne Johansson & Heidi Somero) with soundtrack by Concrete Threat, Knullkraft, Feberdröm, Nimam Spregleda & Dekoder 

Transgressions by me and Susanne Johansson, soundtrack by Feberdröm

Me & my Daddy & Zlatan by me

Piracy is Liberation v01: Only Sinners Disobey by me (cyberpunk postapocalypse, collection of books 001-006)

Piracy is Liberation v02: Download Everything by me (cyberpunk postapocalypse, collection of books 007-011)

A Subtle Fuck You by me (collection of short stories)

and a bunch of prints…

wormgodbook026after wormgodbook023piracyv01  wormgodbook024piracyv02

books-zlatan-eng0 transgressionscvr wormgodbook016asfu1

I will also bring an assortment of other stuff that I’ve been involved with in some way, or that I just like and want to share:

ner0blio # V
Trettionde november
La Korto

After the ends of the world

AFTER THE ENDS OF THE WORLD, the newest book from Wormgod, is now available!

Art/stories by Susanne Johansson, Mattias Elftorp & Heidi Somero

Industrial/HNW soundtrack (downloadable) by Dekoder, Nimam Spregleda, Feberdröm, Knullkraft & Concrete Threat

Order it from Wormgod, Agera Distribution or one of the Swedish internet bookstores. Will also be at Textival (Göteborg March 27-28), SIS (Stockholm May 9-10), CRACK! (Rome June 25-28) etc.


The world ended in many different ways at once, creating time lines diverging from the straight line that used to be known as history. Self-destruction! All-consuming fire! Undeath! Catastrophe! These are visions of the futures that may yet come after the end of life as you know it.

The book is an expansion of the Wormgod exhibition of the same name, held at AltCom 2014.



Want a review copy? Write to us at info (at) wormgod (dot) net


Edit: WATCH OUT FOR NEWS OF A FUTURE RELEASE EVENT! There may be a live gig involved, depending on the success of our plans…


So. We’re a couple of months into 2015 and for the moment there’s a lot of different projects that are approaching completion. Here are a few:

Four books are in the works. In order of probably appearance:

Lillebrors fantastiska mardrömmar
This one is finished. Just waiting for test prints to see that the colors are ok. It’s been a complex process, not without problems, but finally we are at the finishing line. By Meisam Azimi, Aida Ghardagian, Mauritz Tistelö and Bekim Gaši, translated into Farsi, Bosnian and English, this will be the first book to be published under the TUSEN SERIER GRÄNSLAND imprint (even if Destruktörerna was technically the first) for books in the borderlands between comics and illustrated litterature.

I finished most of the other work last night, so now I’m working on the translation for this sequel to Destruktörerna from 2013. Written by Rubén Aguilera, with beautiful art by Marco Leal. Another GRÄNSLAND book.

Yossra El Said is currently adapting Amanda Casanellas‘ short story. Both versions of the story will be included in the book.

Fem prostituerade kvinnors historier
I will soon meet with Amalia Alvarez to see her work so far on her follow-up to Fem papperslösa kvinnors historier

There are also more coming, but later during the year.

Tusen Stafettserier
This subproject to Tusen Serier is getting closer to be properly launched and finished at more or less the same time. The last workshops will happen during March and then there will be a book + exhibition of jam comics that will tour some Swedish cities during the spring.

I so wish I had time to start working on Piracy is Liberation vol 03, but it looks like that’s gonna take a while longer. There are also plans for making the first two volumes available in digital form, but that’s probably going to wait some more as well.
On the other hand:

After the ends of the world
This one is being printed as we speak and should be available pretty soon, with an expanded revisiting of the exhibition of the same name from AltCom 2014. Look for it! By me, Susanne Johansson and Heidi Somero, with a soundtrack by Dekoder, Nimam Spregleda, Feberdröm, Knullkraft and Concrete Threat.

This is a book that was supposed to come out last year, a re-publishing by Komika förlag of an old 24-hour comic of mine. Since it was delayed, we’ve been talking about expanding the story with more pages. I’m aiming at between 48-72 new pages of story. A new beginning and a new ending. Like the original story, this new creature will be heavily inspired by the films of Shinya Tsukamoto and the music of Chu Ishikawa. Probably some more Manga/Anime influences as well. If all goes as planned, it will be released in time for the Stockholm International Comics Festival (SIS).

So far, I’ve been to Å-fest in Borgå/Porvoo (Finland) to represent Tusen Serier.
Next one will be Textival in Göteborg in the end of March.
And I guess the next one after that will be SIS in May, but there’s also a book fair(?) in Botkyrka (Stockholm) in April…

I’M BACK IN CBK! After a 5 year absence, I’m back where I started 15 years ago, in an almost completely new editorial crew. So far it’s mostly been about finishing up after the former crew, putting together their last issue (CBA vol 28), where I happen to have a comic (Singularity, which is also published in the Novo Doba 2014 anthology and After the ends of the world. It is being printed right now and will come soon. I’m going to look at some proofs today.
I also made a comic, Viral, for the first anthology issue featuring the new crew: CBA vol 30, coming this fall. I also sent a b/w version of this story to Stripburger, so maybe you’ll see it there first. Maybe…

What else is happening?
Oh yeah, there’s some union-related stuff happening at work (the Comics Association). More on that later, unless it gets resolved.
Also some conflicts at my freelance work, after Sydsvenskan bought Helsingborgs Dagblad. More on that also later unless it gets resolved…

Also coming later: sample art, etc.

Exciting times…