Violence exhibition pt 2.

Vibracathedral Orchestra – Weaving the Magic

The Violence exhibition is up and running. So is the European Social Forum. And at the same time as Violence opened, fittingly enough, something else took place. The local cops stages a wild protest against their own union. I wonder if they had a permit for their demonstration. I wonder who will beat them up if their thing goes out of hand?

Anyway. Here’s a photo of a part of the exhibition:

The prints are 110x86cm. They can be bought for 500 SEK/copy. Contact me ( ) to order…

Well. That’s it. I’m going to bed.

Loop Orchestra – Cirka 1901

Violence exhibition!

This is an exhibition of the story called Violence (which will be published in Piracy is Liberation 006: Violence). It is also a comment on the political climate in Malmö.

Police are sent in by social democrats against constitutionally protected actions taken by the union. They force children up against the wall, accusing them of crimes they couldn’t possibly have committed, simply because they look like immigrants.

Time and again, the police prove that they aren’t here to protect us but to control, to hold anyone back who dares to stray outside of the norms of what it’s supposed to mean to be Swedish.

The exhibition is dedicated to Malmö 26, the 26 who were indicted for being on the picket line against a sushi restaurant at Lilla Torg in Malmö.

Organizers: C’est Bon Kultur & Folkets Bio Malmö

Sweden disgusts me.

We (the nation commonly known as Sweden) just sent another immigrant away. A guy who’s lived here for 7 years. A guy who has a wife here and who feared for his life if he was to be sent back. A guy who was already sent back once but had to return to Sweden since they didn’t let hom into Iraq if he was forced to go there against his own will.

A guy who hasn’t been heard from since he arrived in Iraq five days ago.

This is nothing new, but this time there was media coverage. Media coverage that reports that none of the authorities involved in the affair is willing to take responsibility for his disappearence. Not the police, who took him out of the country. Not the department of foreign affairs (or whatever it’s called in english) since he isn’t a Swedish citizen. And not the Immigrations authorities who decided not to let him stay here. Fucking bastards.

What I would like is for policies to actually change according to reality. If someone who claimed to be in mortal danger is sent back and disappears right after he/she sets foot in their country of origin, then don’t fucking send people there anymore.

What I also would like is for people here to physically prevent the police from taking people who are to be deported against their will to the airport. It has been done and it has worked and it should be done more often. Until policies have changed.

If someone comes to your door who is running for their life, you let them in and give them something to eat. Simple regular humanity, if there is such a thing…

While on drugs…

Page 1 from the upcoming Piracy is Liberation 005: Free Section:

I’m a bit behind schedule with this book, for good and bad reasons, but I still have hopes of printing it before the end of September. We’ll see…

Listening to Angelic Upstarts – Leave Me Alone.

Wondering why my scanner seems to have stopped working…

Here’s an illustration recently published in local newspaper (Helsingborgs Dagblad):

Everyone has AIDS

I can’t believe I never realised before on how many levels Team America works.

Take the scene in the beginning (Everyone has AIDS) and combine it with the main plot revelation of Watchmen (and, for that matter, Heroes season 1). If everyone in the world had AIDS, things would go in one of a couple of choices for direction. Either we would all die in the AIDS World War. Or all wars would cease and everyone would simply have to work together to find a cure and maybe we would solve all the other problems of this world too. Or maybe people would just give up and humanity would die on a generation or two due to inaction. Whatever the result, it could be just what we need.

Think about it. But don’t act on it, there might be a better plan.

And the soundtrack for this nice, if a bit slow, morning is:
Nightmares on Wax – Passion

The Rage

Autechre – Further

I read some editorial texts in Sydsvenskan, the local newspaper, today (for some reason, we got one in the mail). I hardly ever read papers. It seems like a waste of paper when news are just as available digitally. Seems even more a waste after reading this crap.

One of the texts were about the G8 summit in Tokyo. More specifically it was about the agreement on the climate which even the US agreed on, but critics are disappointed because it could have been a better deal and may already be tool little, too late. The text ends by some kind of attempt to ridicule the protesters because they seem less interested in the environment and more anti-G8 and anti-war.

Of course, the environment is important and we may all be fucked if it isn’t fixed fast, but it also seems to work as a diversion. It’s very convenient for some people to talk about the environment and ignore war, poverty, oppression and all that.

Here’s some inspiration: