No Bokmässa this year…

No bookfair in Göteborg this year for me, though my books will be sold there. Look for them here:

Title / publisher / booth#
Piracy is Liberation 001-004 / C’est Bon Kultur / Seriestaden A01:49
C’est Bon Anthology 2-5, vol. 1-5 / C’est Bon Kultur / Seriestaden A01:49
Trollet / Komika Förlag / Komika Förlag A01:28
Lantis: Den Siste Lantisen, Monster / Seriefrämjandet / Seriestaden A01:49

This is the first time this century that I haven’t been to the bookfair. Feels a bit weird, but also quite nice. Instead, I’ll try to make the Anarchist Bookfair in London, October 18.

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