Livets Låga Slocknar, finally!

Yesterday, I got a package I’d ordered through Discogs. It’s a vinyl 7″ EP I made a cover illustration for, a little over 20 years ago, that I’d never seen irl before.

Actually, I didn’t make the image for them, but I offered that they could use something I’d already made. I suggested this for the cover:

but in the end they used this (not made by me):

They did, however, use one of mine for the inside cover. This one, which I originally made for the 2002 CBK exhibition »ACETON (CH3COCH3)«:

I’m pretty sure they sent me a copy back when, but I never managed to get it, for some confused reason. So this, 20+ years later, is the first time I actually see it and finally have it among my other records.

EDIT: Actually, it seems I made some more suggestions for the cover, which I just found while looking through some old files. So here are three cover suggestions, of which I already showed one, and I think two had potential, but none of them were used:

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