CBA vol 58 call for submissions

Once more, it’s my turn to be main editor for an issue of CBA. I’ve been watching the internet these last years and seen a trend towrds what seems to be the complete annihilation of language and communication. We’ve gone from algorithms that mostly expose us to what we’re already interested in, or agree with, to a situation where we’re separated in socal circles, each with their own language. Their own common references, presuppositions about what the world looks like and even meaning of words. These circles are often colored by ideologies that put their own spin on things in order to win political points in the competition for the people’s hearts and minds.

From flat-Earthers to people who believe that Hitler was a socialist. From antivaxxers to people who believe that Putin is a socialist. From people who believe that nothing is racism unless the person who performs it describe themself as a racist to people who believe that the only relevant racism is the one against whites. Ok, most of the above often belong to the same group. But one of the fascinating things is that within these circles, it’s often enough to write a bunch of words that don’t even need to form coherent sentences, and others will make their interpretations of those words. It’s enough to use some specific words that signal where you stand, and based on that people will draw their conclusions.

This misuse of language is, paradoxically(?), often used in those nationalist circles who claim to want to defend their culture and language against their perceived enemies. It would be funny if they weren’t so many.

Anyway. From these phenomena came the theme from this volume: POLITICAL GLOSSOLALIA – THE EROSION OF MEANING

I can’t say I have a clear image of what comics and texts I expect people to submit on that theme, but it’s going to be interesting nonetheless. So here it is, the call for submissions for:
Main Editor: Mattias Elftorp
Deadline: Jun 15

How do we talk when words that used to mean certain things have become so vague that they can be freely appropriated by anyone, for any purpose? And what’s up with the currently so prevalent flirting with war, fascism and the dehumanization of anyone who doesn’t fit into the unspoken and conveniently unspecified national identity?
Objective truth (if there ever was such a thing) and even language itself seems to be sacrificed on the altar of rhetoric and propaganda.
What are the consequences when you can string any random, misspelled words together and people will make their own connections and decide to aggressively either agree or disagree, wholeheartedly even though the sentence actually makes no sense?

Bring your own spin on this. From alternate history to experiments with glossolalia to explorations of nationalism of the illiterate, what take is something only you would think of?

Please read and follow these guidelines:
Number of pages: We prefer comics that are about 5-30 pages, but any number is welcome.
Format: 20 x 26 cm
Color: Color / Black and white
Language: English
File format: .TIF
Resolution: 1200 dpi line art or 300 dpi CMYK
Length (texts): A good size for a text is ca 7500 characters (including spaces), but it can also be longer or shorter.
Bleed: 5mm. Think you know how to handle bleed? Read this to make sure you know what we mean.
Within this space, there are no limits.

Delivery: We prefer download links that do NOT require us to login anywhere (wetransfer usually works fine, for example).
Request: Please don’t use Comic Sans. We don’t like it and will ask you to change to another font.
And again; Please check our guidelines for bleed.
Please send us high-resolution files from the start.
Include a short bio*, with one URL (if you have a website or similar).

Please ask us if you are unsure about formats, resolution, bleed, etc. We prefer stupid questions to bad files. And there are no stupid questions!
Normally, we also organize a release exhibition showcasing sample pages from the new issue. Please let us know if you’re NOT ok with us using your works for that purpose. It’s part of our marketing and it usually takes place in a physical exhibition space, although these days we’re more likely to make a digital exhibition online at the Hybriden website.

*Your bio should be approximately 500-700 characters in length. It should read more as an entertaining and informative bio and less as a CV. What you want to say about yourself is up to you, but it’s generally more interesting for our readers to know about your interests, who you are and what else you’ve published rather than where you’ve studied. We may edit it if needed to fit our format.
Send comics, questions, etc to: submissions(a)cbkcomics(.)com

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee you any payment for participating (although these last few years we’ve had more financing so we have been able to pay at least something, i.e. when all the expenses have been paid we will share the surplus amongst the participants). If we publish your submission you will receive 10 free copies of the issue. That’s all we can promise at this date. Hopefully you will find being in CBA an enjoyable experience. Naturally, copyright for your material will stay in your hands.

Also note that we are constantly overworked and there’s a great risk that we won’t get in touch in case your submission doesn’t make it into the current volume (we WILL, however, let you know if we do publish your submission, and if you don’t get into this one we might keep your comic for a future issue). We are sorry for this and will try to catch up as soon as things clear up (optimistically in 2025)…

Feel free to invite people to the Facebook event or share this call for submissions blogpost!

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