Was it a car or a cat i saW

Deadline: October 31 for comics/texts for the upcoming CBA vol 54|55: Was it a car or a cat i saW

Have you ever just had to stop what you’re doing and go “wait, is this a dream?”
When the unknown starts bleeding into reality and you are forced to question your sanity, if just a little bit.
You know the sort of thing that happens in dreams that makes you sure it’s just a dream? How do you cope when it happens in the waking world?

In this theme we’ll explore the dreamy and the bizarre, the uncanny in the mundane, the creepy in the dark corners of everyday life. Magical realism with a twisted flair, comics that invoke a mystical, surreal, dreamlike state of mind, with a tinge of discomfort… Think of the movies by Lynch, for example…

Note that it’s not a theme about dreams. We’re not after dreams specifically, just that feeling you can get when you don’t know if something is real or not. Think of Lynch or Cronenberg and that eerie feeling some of their films are very good at evoking.

Main editor for this issue is Kinga Dukaj. You’ll find instructions/specifications here.

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