The New Frontier

Today, the new Tusen Serier exhibition opens at Hybriden.

It’s a sci fi project about border politics that also touches on other subjects. It was started by Open Art Week as a collaboration between Tunisian and Italian comic creators, as the first of (so far) two such exhibitions. We got the opportunity to join and expand upon their concept with artists from the network connected to Tusen Serier and Hybriden.

The showcased artists in the Tusen Serier edition are:
Elida Maiques
Korina Hunjak
Julia Nascimento
Felipe Kolb Bernardes
Ana Biscaia
Amalia Alvarez

and me

You can see the exhibition now at

It’s been some work with coordination, programming etc, but it feels real good to be part of this project.

Here are a few panels from my contribution:

To be continued in the exhibition…

La nuova frontiera (The new frontier) was initiated and produced by OPEN ART WEEK.
In partnership with: Biblioteca delle Nuvole (IT), Lab619 (TN), Fokus Illustration (CH) Tusen Serier (SE), Hybriden (SE).
Artistic coordination: Claudio Ferracci and Abir Gasmi.
The Tusen Serier edition of The new frontier is presented with support from Malmö Kulturnämnd.

Also, here’s the poster I made…

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