Exhibition + bookfair in Angered

On September 21, Tusen Serier will have a table at Angered’s bokmässa (with some stuff from CBK and Wormgod as well) in Gothenburg. I will do a presentation together with Amalia Alvarez who will also do one of her own.

And there will be an exhibition by me: Sagor från Angered, which showcases pages from a graohic novel I started working on with Amanda Casanellas in 2016. Hopefully, the book will actually be finished at some point, but that’s pretty far in the future, the way things look now.

So the best way to see at least parts of it will be this exhibition, and a zine version of one of its chapters, remastered to be a standalone story called Encounter in the woods, published by Tusen Serier in cooperation with Konstepidemin, Konsthallen Blå Stället and Kultur i Väst. The zine will be given away for free at Blå Stället, and we’ll also have some copies at Hybriden.

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