The Troll – new cover

Yeah, I changed it since the last post. Otherwise, most of the info was correct. Most of it…



So what else is up?

Waiting for some Tusen Serier books to come from the printer. They should have been here a month ago, but… Anyway, I’ve seen two of them already and they look really nice. When they arrive there will be exhibitions! Hopefully as nice as the one we had last weekend (CBK/Allan Haverholm @ Tusen Serier).

I just started writing an application to get money to go to the Novo Doba festival in September. It’s always “fun” to write these things.

I need to find the time to make some kind of art for the exhibitions at CRACK! (Wormgod/Tusen Serier/CBK) in June and Le Garage L (me and Kinga Dukaj) in July. And to finish my story for CBA vol 30, which I’ve been reworking over and over and never seem to be really happy with for some reason.

And also writing a couple of whateverthehellyoucallthem, you know, the things you write after someone gave you money to tell them that you did al the things they gave you money for. I do take this very seriously, I just can’t think of the word for it in English. I report every month to my “boss”, but I still have to write these things myself for some reason. Maybe you really have to be me to know what I’m doing. As if that would help.

I also should really eat something and then go to bed.


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