“Public Service”…

The state of the Swedish Public Service is quickly deteriorating.

It seems that the Alliance (a collection of the liberal, conservative and Christian right-wing parties) are nervous about the upcoming election this fall. I don’t know why, because the Social democrats (also more or less liberals) are doing a very poor job as the opposition. What they should do to win the election is to start talking class and promise to reverse all the things that the Alliance has done over the last 8 years. But they won’t do that. So anyway…

Their strategy to win the next election seems to be keeping people ignorant about politics. Right now, anyone working in Public Service who has any expressed or perceived political views are kicked out until after the election, all in the name of “objectivity”.

So anyone who has anything to say that might inform people about Swedish politics has to shut up. To me, it seems strange to have an election year where it’s impossible to talk about politics.

The Alliance’s (successful, it seems) strategy against the Left party has always been to play the game of guilt by association with the old Soviet communism. Which is funny, since the freedom of speech in Sweden is now being curtailed, which is one of the bad things about the old Russia (and the new one, but now it’s a Capitalist “democracy”, so that’s not as bad).

Anyway. Interesting times ahead. See you in the camps…




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