String theory & storytelling


Saw some documentaries on string theory the other night. Now my theory that Piracy is Liberation is a depiction of things happening in a neighboring universe doesn’t seem that far-fetched. Maybe one with 4 main dimensions (2 spatial, time and 7th direction, which are all actually spatial when you think about it). Or maybe their 7th direction is the space between universes? Don’t know what I’m talking about? Ask Youtube and read the books:

Science fiction meets mathematics, again. I also thought it was interesting that some big breakthrough in string theory occured around the same time as Crisis on Infinite Earths was published…

2 thoughts on “String theory & storytelling”

  1. Crisis on Infinite Earths? You old superhero jock 😀

    Superstring theory is heady stuff, I think that’s what got me reading New Scientist the last couple of years…!

  2. Actually, I haven’t even read Crisis (at least not all of it).

    Still interesting though. There’s always been this exchange between science fiction and cutting-edge science…

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